Hardwood Floor Car Questions Answered

Hardwood flooring has long been one of the most common options for homeowners. This should come as little surprise given its affordability, aesthetic qualities and durability. Despite being an affordable option, hardwood floors are still a major investment in your home, and it is important for you to take good care of it. In order to properly care for hardwood, you must be well informed about the unique needs of this flooring option, and learning the following answers should help you with this goal. 

Is Steam Cleaning Effective For Hardwood?

As your floors age, it is normal for dirt and dust to become impacted into the fibers and crevices of your floor. This can cause it to start to appear extremely dull. For those with carpet, steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways of correcting this problem. However, people may not realize that this technique can cause major damage to wood floors. 

The intense heat and moisture can cause the wood to swell and crack. Unfortunately, when this damage has occurred, there is no simple repair available to correct the damage. When you need to perform a deep clean on your hardwood floors, you should only use a lightly damp towel to hand clean the worst spots on your floor. 

Should You Sweep Or Use A Dust Mop On These Floors?

One of the most routine forms of cleaning you will do for your floor is removing small pieces of dirt that get tracked into the home from the outside. However, some people do not realize that using a standard broom can result in damage to the hardwood. Conventional brooms have hard bristles that can leave deep scratches in your hardwood, but you can avoid this by using a dust mop whenever you are cleaning the floor. 

In some instances, you may want to vacuum, but it should be noted that many attachments are also equipped with hard bristles. You may need to investment in a special hardwood floor attachment before you can safely use a vacuum. These attachments help channel air for maximum suction to remove stubborn dirt as opposed to hard bristles. 

Keeping your hardwood floor clean does not have to be a risky or confusing task. While this type of flooring faces unique risks, understanding these risks will help you avoid them when you are cleaning your floor. In particular, knowing the dangers of steam cleaning and the benefits of avoiding brooms or vacuums with hard bristles will help you keep your floor safe and looking great for many years.

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