Five Things To Know About Marble Countertops

Choosing a countertop can be difficult because there are so many choices and each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. One surface that has lasted through the ages is marble. It is a popular choice for many reasons, but it also has its flaws. Here are five things to know about marble countertops.

Marble Ages Like Wine

No doubt you have heard the saying wine gets better with age and the same is true with marble. Some people don't like the patina that marble acquires over time, but some choose it for that reason alone. Age, and normal wear and tear, also cause different markings that cut into the marble as it ages that generally mixes in with the veining. Most people enjoy these additional markings.

Marble Must Be Sealed

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this. Marble absolutely has to be sealed. It is a very porous material which means it will be damaged and/or stained very quickly if not sealed. There are different types of sealant you can choose from, but the main thing to remember is that marble doesn't just need to be sealed the first time it's installed. Resealing annually is usually recommended. Also, keep in mind that sealing doesn't keep acidic materials from damaging the marble.

No Two Pieces of Marble Are Alike

Another great characteristic of marble is that it is very unique. There are different colors and designs in each piece of marble. Some of the colors that marble comes in is different shades of pink, green, yellow, gray, black and of course the classic white.

Marble is Easily Scratched

Marble is a softer type stone meaning it scratches easily. You definitely need to use a cutting board with this type of surface. It can also chip easier meaning you don't want to drop anything heavy on this type of countertop.

Marble is Easy to Clean

The main thing to remember when cleaning marble is that you must use a safe cleaner on it. Since marble doesn't react well to certain types of chemicals, it's a good idea to only use a cleaner that you would use with your own hands such as dish soap.

As you can see marble isn't for everyone. In some ways it's not as durable as other natural stones. However, marble has many benefits that makes it a popular choice for solid surface counter tops. If you weigh the pros and cons carefully you can decide if this is the right countertop for your home.