5 Tips To Select Great Bathroom Colors

If you are planning to remodel a bathroom, one of the most important decisions is the selection of a color palette for the room. Most bathrooms display multiple colors. Thus, it is important for the hues that are used in the room to complement one another. Here are a few tips to select great colors for your bathroom:

Choose two or three colors from a paint swatch.

One way to select the paint colors for your bathroom is by using a color swatch from a home improvement store. Many paint swatches display three or four tones from the same color family. By pairing a deep tone with one or two lighter tones on the swatch, you can create a modern, monochromatic feel in the space. Don't forget to consider how the selected colors will look against your trim and vanity colors.

Use neutrals.

Neutrals are often used in modern bathroom designs. Due to their unintrusive tones, neutral paint colors offer a wonderful backdrop for a dramatic design. Instead of centering the design around a bold paint color, your bathroom can be designed around other focal points, such as a large claw-foot tub or a shower with walls covered in decorative tiles. In addition, unusual pieces of wall art don't have to compete with a wall color for emphasis.

Use bright energetic colors.

Although many people desire their bathroom to take on more of a serene, spa-like feel, some people prefer to feel energized when they walk into their bathroom upon waking in the morning.

To produce more of an energetic feel to your bathroom space, you can use bright, lively colors. For instance, you could pair royal blue with sunshine yellow to create a lively color palette that is certain to produce an energizing effect. Bright colors will look especially vibrant against the white tones of a bathroom sink or toilet.

Choose a deep, rich color. 

Some people prefer deep, rich colors for their bathroom. Dark, rich colors can even make a small bathroom seem elegant. Even if too much of a dark tone would overwhelm a larger room, a bathroom can usually accommodate these tones easily. 

Consider more than the walls.

As you are remodeling a bathroom, keep in mind that the color of your floor, vanity and even that of your towels will have an impact on your bathroom design. Thus, be sure to choose paint colors that complement all of these components.

If you need assistance choosing a palette for your bathroom design, consult with an interior designer in your area.