Want The Ultimate In Luxury? Add An Inside Water Feature Just For Fun

When thinking of adding a water feature to their property, most homeowners automatically assume that it will be installed outside. However, placing the right water feature inside your home can turn a room -- or an entire home -- into a beautiful and relaxing work of art. Here is how to integrate a great water feature into any luxury home.

Assess Your Space

Start by walking through your home -- or through your home plans -- and looking for areas that could benefit from a water feature. It could be am empty wall, an entry way with lots of space and no clear theme, or a bold architectural feature like a staircase that needs to be dressed up. Mark these potential spots for further consideration with an interior designer. 

While aesthetics is a big part of choosing a water feature, you also need to keep in mind the home's design and construction. Large amounts of water are heavy, so you need to ensure that the foundation, flooring, and wall structure in that location can handle the weight. You may also need to lay out additional piping and electrical connections, so talk with your contractor or architect about the feasibility of each spot. 

Choose Your Feature

Once you know how each location in your home is able to support a water feature, you can begin planning for the particular design you want. Start with the scale of the location. If you're creating a focal point for a medium-sized room, for example, a large and cascading waterfall may be overwhelming to the space. An open foyer with a grand staircase, though, may benefit from something like a big, flat fountain and large sculpture at its base.

When considering the size of the water feature, be sure to also think about how much noise you want it to make, or not make. If you're placing a fountain near an entertainment space, for example, you may want to opt for a small, bubbling fountain or narrow water sheet so that people can comfortably converse nearby. 

Next, consider the shape you want. Again, this is largely determined by the architecture and furnishings around the water. If you want a natural and tranquil appearance, you may opt for a faux stream running lengthwise through a narrow room or a distressed fountain complemented with plants. If you want drama, on the other hand, look for big and bold items like stepped fountains extending into a room or a multi-colored rain wall of plunging water. 

No matter what type of water feature you want to build into your home's design, the result will surely be a unique element that sets your home apart from the crowd -- and, more importantly, one that pleases you and your guests for years to come. Contact a company like Raquel Garcia Design for more ideas.