Surprise Your Dad With A Custom-Framed Photograph

If your father won awards for his stellar performance and you would like to surprise him on his birthday by giving a custom picture frame with the photo that depicts him receiving an award, complete the project that follows. A custom-framed photo will provide your dad with a reminder of his accomplishments and can be hung from a wall inside of his den or study. 


  • enlarged photograph
  • old cloth or newspaper
  • wooden frame (with glass cover)
  • wood stain
  • cloth
  • wood varnish
  • wood paint
  • paintbrush
  • engraved nameplate
  • power drill
  • hardware

Purchase An Enlargement And Stain Or Paint A Frame

After choosing the picture that you would like to have framed, drop the photo off at a business that enlarges pictures. Once your order is ready for pickup, purchase a wooden frame. Decide if you would like to stain or paint the frame. If you choose to stain the frame, lay a cloth or newspaper sheets on a table that is located in a room that is well-ventilated. 

Remove the frame's glass cover and set it aside. Use a soft cloth to wipe stain across the front of the wooden frame. Move the stain-covered cloth in the same direction as the wood's grain. After the stain dries, flip the frame over and apply a coat of stain to the wood.

If you choose to paint the frame instead, purchase a small container of wood paint and a narrow paintbrush. Use the brush to apply a coat of paint to one side of the frame. Afterward, paint the opposite side. After the stain or paint dries, use a cloth to apply a coat of varnish across both sides of the frame. The varnish will act as a preservant and will prevent the stain or paint from fading. 

Install The Photo In The Frame And Add A Nameplate

Stop by a business that sells customized nameplates. Choose the inscription that you want engraved in a nameplate and provide this information when placing your order. You can include your father's name, the date that the picture was taken, and a brief description of what is occuring in the photo.

After the nameplate has been made, bring it home and use hardware to secure it to the bottom of the frame. Insert the photograph in the frame and replace the glass cover. Wrap the framed photo with colorful paper. Surprise your dad with the gift during a birthday celebration that is held in his honor.