Spruce Up Your Bathroom Design With These Vanity Ideas

Building a new vanity can be difficult. Not only might you be planning to build or buy a new setup, but you also want to make sure that the new design fits your aesthetic goals. This is the role an interior designer takes on.

These tips help you design a room with a vanity in mind.

Consider Hollywood Glamor in White

White vanities can provide an air of classic Hollywood to your room. Many people like to add a white vanity to the room to bring a touch of class to the room. Think about the rooms associated with old Hollywood stars, including the big, flashy bulbs lining the vanity. If this is something you want to replicate, a designer can certainly help.

Use Multiple Shelf Levels

When many people think about a vanity, they think about having one flat surface for makeup and other cosmetics. You can actually increase the amount of storage space you have by adding layers of shelves to the top of your vanity. Add different sizes of shelves to ensure that you have can store different bottle sizes, as well as items like brushes and hair styling tools.

Customize Your Vanity for a Corner

If you really want to save a lot of space, set up your vanity for a corner space. Maximize the space you have available by adding a corner to the table itself. You might consider placing a rectangular vanity in the corner, but you could lose some space on your vanity surface by not fitting it to the corner itself.

Add Lights Around the Mirror Itself

Even if your room has lights in it, you may want to improve your view of your makeup by adding lights to the mirror itself. This is especially important if you intend to use your vanity to photograph or film your makeup looks.

Use a Bold Color

Bold colors can add a unique look to your bedroom, bathroom, or closet. If you want to make your room truly unique, talk to your interior designer about painting your vanity gold, red, blue, purple, or another color that completes your aesthetic goals.

Plan Your Vanity with a Professional

An interior designer can provide you with many tips for decorating your bathroom, bedroom, or closet with a vanity. If you need more help creating a vanity that works for your home, you can consult with a professional for more information about residential interior design.