The Top Design Trends For Interior Blinds

Interior blinds have both functional and aesthetic benefits in many homes. They provide privacy and keep out sunlight, and there are infinite patterns, styles, and colors that will breathe life into various rooms in your house. You can look for modern inspiration from the trends below:

Textured Blinds

You can source for heavy fabrics like Roman and Barbados, which feature intricate weave constructions that add depth and warmth to any room. Options like embossed faux woods bring the raw character of natural wood to any space. If you want a touch of luxury, invest in darker colors like suede, velvet, and brown. Thicker materials tend to look expensive and elegant, and they will add character to your windows.

Metallic Blinds

The colors of metals like gold, aluminum, copper, brass, and silver can spruce up any home when used in interior blinds. Silver shades are especially popular since they create stunning contrasts when blended with bolder colors. If you are keen on an industrial interior, you cannot go wrong with gunmetal gray. Gold metal colors are rich and warm, and they can be used for bedrooms, dining, and living spaces. 

Green Interior Blinds

More and more homeowners want a slice of nature in their spaces, thanks to a surging appreciation for the natural environment. Green has long been associated with a soothing energy, environmental sustainability, and growth, and it is incredibly calming when used in window treatments. The beauty of using green for your interior is the many shades available, from teal and peppermint to lime and olive green. This variety will get you the perfect shade for your home's theme. 


Technology has become a convenient companion for the modern homeowner as it makes life easier. Being able to open and close your interior blinds no matter where you are in the home is incredibly attractive. Fortunately, there are both battery-operated and wired motorized blinds that work with your power supply. You can open the blinds, increase your privacy, and even filter daylight using a remote control. Installing cordless blinds will also make your home safer for children and pets.

Coastal Colors

Coastal hues are very calming, and they will add a beachy aesthetic to any room in your home. You can use interior blinds in watery shades of blue, warm creams, sea-foam green, and crisp whites to breathe tranquility and peace into your home. Blue is a classic coastal color that works well with neutral décor, and you can install blue interior blinds in your bedroom and living area. 

For more information about future blind options, contact an interior designer.