Technology Meets Cabinetry: Cabinet Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you have not upgraded your kitchen cabinets for several years, you are missing out on some of the latest cabinet additions that will make your life in the kitchen easier. In fact, you may even wonder how you ever lived without them. When technology meets cabinetry, great things happen and your cooking and food preparation tasks will be easier. 

LED lighting features

Say goodbye to searching for things in the dark recesses of your cabinets or needing a flashlight to find a bottle of spice that seems to have disappeared. Today's cabinets are equipped with LED lighting features to make your life easier. Backlit cabinet interiors will not only help you find things easier, but they also provide aesthetic value to your kitchen and can be installed inside, underneath, or around the exterior of your cabinets.

Tablet holders

Tablet holders can be installed under wall cabinets to provide you with a place to hold your tablet or phone for entertainment purposes or for keeping recipes nearby when trying a new dish you found online. Tablet holders are secured to a rotatable base with an adjustable viewing height. When not in use you can push the tablet holder securely under the base of the cabinet for storage.

Remote-controlled features

Look for new cabinets with remote-controlled locking features to keep your kitchen items secure. Controlled by a digital keyboard, you can choose which cabinets to lock. This feature is a great option for families with curious children whom you want to protect from sharp cooking utensils or household cleaning products.

Hands-free functions

Who cannot use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen? Hands-free cabinet functions free up your hands for other tasks. Simply bump the cabinet with your knee, elbow, or hip to open the door.

A hands-free trash bin cabinet means you never have to touch an unsanitary wastepaper can lid again. Hands-free functions will reduce the number of times cabinets are touched by multiple hands, which may help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in your kitchen.

Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were just simple places to hold dishes, cookware, food items, and more. Technology has merged into the world of cabinets, and your kitchen will never be the same again. Upgrading your old cabinets to new ones is a wise investment that will reward you with fun and helpful features to make kitchen chores easier. For more information about kitchen cabinets, contact a designer.