Want The Ultimate In Luxury? Add An Inside Water Feature Just For Fun

When thinking of adding a water feature to their property, most homeowners automatically assume that it will be installed outside. However, placing the right water feature inside your home can turn a room -- or an entire home -- into a beautiful and relaxing work of art. Here is how to integrate a great water feature into any luxury home. Assess Your Space Start by walking through your home -- or through your home plans -- and looking for areas that could benefit from a water feature.

5 Tips To Select Great Bathroom Colors

If you are planning to remodel a bathroom, one of the most important decisions is the selection of a color palette for the room. Most bathrooms display multiple colors. Thus, it is important for the hues that are used in the room to complement one another. Here are a few tips to select great colors for your bathroom: Choose two or three colors from a paint swatch. One way to select the paint colors for your bathroom is by using a color swatch from a home improvement store.