3 Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Your home is not only a financial investment but also the place you spend most of your time. From sleeping and dining to entertaining friends and family, your home should be both functional and appealing. Of course, decorating a house can be overwhelming for many people, but help is available. If you want to improve the flow, style, appeal, and value of your home, here are a few common residential interior design mistakes you should avoid.

Surprise Your Dad With A Custom-Framed Photograph

If your father won awards for his stellar performance and you would like to surprise him on his birthday by giving a custom picture frame with the photo that depicts him receiving an award, complete the project that follows. A custom-framed photo will provide your dad with a reminder of his accomplishments and can be hung from a wall inside of his den or study.  Materials enlarged photograph old cloth or newspaper wooden frame (with glass cover) wood stain cloth wood varnish wood paint paintbrush engraved nameplate power drill hardware Purchase An Enlargement And Stain Or Paint A Frame